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    Instacart: How it Changed my Life

    A quick confession to make: I hate grocery shopping. I enjoy deciding what I want to eat, but I dislike feeling overwhelmed and wasting a bunch of time standing in line. It’s so easy to impulse buy. Instacart is a new service that allows you to shop grocery stores from home and have everything delivered to your home within a few hours. You can also schedule delivery for a specific time. How does Instacart Work? Instacart uses your zip code to tell you what stores they provide services to and whether you can pickup an online order in-store or get it delivered. For example: Safeway, Costco, Fred Meyer, and Petco…

  • One of my goals is to eat healthier in 2019.
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    My Goals for 2019 and How I Will Achieve Them

    I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. They only stick around for a few weeks and they never become habits. Instead, I like to set new goals at the beginning of the year. Goals are more permanent and have a sense of accomplishment tied to them. They also tend to be more meaningful – vowing to create a healthier lifestyle is more powerful than wanting to just lose weight. So what do I want to accomplish this next year? Be More Thoughtful about Spending Money In the past, I’ve been unsuccessful with setting a specific savings goal. A major reason for this is that my life has been in transition.…

  • Let’s budget each of those pennies!
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    Budgeting Basics: Your Income and Budget Strategy

    This blog post is one article of a multi-part series designed to help others learn to budget and control their finances. I have started keeping tighter track of my finances.  I want to know where every dollar goes and My finances will change once my fiancé moves back.  This series will cover what I have learned from my research and show what I am implementing in my own life. The first step – determining your after-tax income Knowing your income is critical for creating a budget that will allow you to live inside your means. The first step toward budgeting is determining your income after taxes. If you get a…

  • My favorite part of my morning routine is a cup of coffee or tea.
    Mental Health Monday

    Mental Health Monday: Creating a Routine

    As a young professional, I’ve found that routines are critical for success.  In fact, you can never start this process too early. When people feel like their life is full of chaos and they aren’t meeting their goals, their mental health really will suffer.  One way we regain control of our mental health is through establishing a routine to give us a sense of normal. Why are routines important? The list is long but here are a few reasons why you should always consider establishing a routine:• Makes us more efficient – establishing a routine reduces the amount of time required to get things done.  It also reduces the number…

  • Self-care could be as easy as a walk through a beautiful place!
    Mental Health Monday

    Mental Health Monday: Self-Care and What It Means

    Self-care has become a buzzword and it’s something we see mentioned all the time.  Often we conjure up images of people wrapped up in bathrobes with crazy eye masks.  I do believe, however, that there is a much deeper meaning to self-care.  There are things we can do to greatly improve our quality of life that don’t involve giving in to advertisements for things that promise to make us feel better. Below, I discuss the underlying reasons for practicing self-care and the activities you can do toward that end. Why is Self-Care Important? I think people often confuse self-care with overindulgence.  That’s an easy mix-up to fall pray to since…

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    Black Friday Deals I’m Most Excited About

    Black Friday can be a time of total chaos.  Thankfully, many of the deals we used to have to brave the stores for can now be found online.  Even better – some of these deals are available right now!  Below, I’ve listed my top favorite deals.  Affiliate links used where appropriate; I would never advocate products that I don’t love. I love, love, love my Anova WiFi Sous Vide and it’s 50% off right now on Amazon.  This model is great because you can remotely control the unit while you’re away from home.  Stuck at work for longer than you thought?  No problem – you can stop cooking from your…

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    Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation

    I have been wanting to write about my kitchen renovation for a while.  For the most part, I really love my home.  The layout is perfect for entertaining and I can really envision myself living here for quite a while.  But one thing it definitely lacks is personality.  I bought the house a little over a year ago, and I have been slowly replacing everything as I go along.  Before moving in, I had the interior completely repainted and the flooring replaced.  I went for neutral tones because I was concerned about resale and I didn’t want to turn future potential buyers away with a bright color palette.  Since then,…

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    Mental Health Monday: Dealing with Overcommitment

    I dedicate one post to mental health every Monday.  I cover a variety of topics that are relevant to my life and that I hope might help others going through similar experiences.  I am not a doctor nor a mental health expert – I can only share what I have learned through experience or what I have been researching.  Please always seek professional help if you need it. This topic is challenging for me to talk about.  Overcommitment is something I constantly struggle with – throughout my brief but intense life I always tell myself that I know my limit and yet I always seem to take on too much. …

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    Friday Faves: October 19, 2018

    Disclaimer:  This post contains affiliate links, which means that I receive a commission if you click a link and purchase an item.  This doesn’t increase the price you pay.  My thoughts and reviews are 100% my own.  I will never suggest products that I don’t love.  Please review my disclosure policy for more information. Fall has officially hit Oregon, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m sure that I will be eating my words come February – when it will have been raining for three months straight – but for now, bring on the falling leaves, countless pairs of boots, and all the PSL one can drink.  Below, I’ve listed…

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    Mental Health Monday: Teach People How You Want to be Treated

    Today I want to talk about something that has taken me many years to learn. I believe our society looks down on those who speak up for themselves, especially women.  If I had a nickel for every time an assertive women was called bossy, I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life. Sometimes I am shocked by how poorly people treat each other.  I am taken aback by a comment at work or I am flabbergasted that someone would embarrass their friend in front of others on purpose.  I used to keep my mouth shut when these types of things happened to me.  I was more concerned with…