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    Instacart: How it Changed my Life

    A quick confession to make: I hate grocery shopping. I enjoy deciding what I want to eat, but I dislike feeling overwhelmed and wasting a bunch of time standing in line. It’s so easy to impulse buy. Instacart is a new service that allows you to shop grocery stores from home and have everything delivered to your home within a few hours. You can also schedule delivery for a specific time. How does Instacart Work? Instacart uses your zip code to tell you what stores they provide services to and whether you can pickup an online order in-store or get it delivered. For example: Safeway, Costco, Fred Meyer, and Petco…

  • Let’s budget each of those pennies!
    Saving Money

    Budgeting Basics: Your Income and Budget Strategy

    This blog post is one article of a multi-part series designed to help others learn to budget and control their finances. I have started keeping tighter track of my finances.  I want to know where every dollar goes and My finances will change once my fiancé moves back.  This series will cover what I have learned from my research and show what I am implementing in my own life. The first step – determining your after-tax income Knowing your income is critical for creating a budget that will allow you to live inside your means. The first step toward budgeting is determining your income after taxes. If you get a…