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Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation

I have been wanting to write about my kitchen renovation for a while.  For the most part, I really love my home.  The layout is perfect for entertaining and I can really envision myself living here for quite a while.  But one thing it definitely lacks is personality.  I bought the house a little over a year ago, and I have been slowly replacing everything as I go along.  Before moving in, I had the interior completely repainted and the flooring replaced.  I went for neutral tones because I was concerned about resale and I didn’t want to turn future potential buyers away with a bright color palette.  Since then, I have become a little more adventurous. I really envision the kitchen remodel as my first opportunity to inject some color into the home.

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Modeling my process after other interior design blogs, I first went looking for inspirational photos that conveyed the same kinds of feelings I wanted my own space to invoke.


There is a lot to like about the photo above.  I really dig the idea of having a two-tone kitchen – I want a fun color on the lower cabinets and a light color on the uppers to prevent the room from becoming too dark.  I also like the idea of dark counters which will mask stains and just appear cleaner.  Since most of the colors in my house a gray and leaning toward blue/green, I think green cabinets would fit.

Speaking of green…


Emily Henderson is an amazing designer, and her recent Portland remodel does not disappoint.  The color on the cabinets is Pewter Green by Sherwin-Williams and was done in an emerald satin enamel finish.  I really like the mixed metals in this photo as well; the cabinet hardware is brass but the faucet is definitely chrome or polished nickel.  I would also love to have glass cabinet doors, but I might not be able to justify the cost this time around.

Design Selections


The kitchen remodel will consist of three major parts: painting the cabinets, replacing the counters, and updating or adding hardware.  For countertops I am considering quartz because I like the fact that it’s non-porous and naturally antimicrobial.  I also like the lower price point and maintenance-free aspect compared to granite or marble.  Cambria makes some really lovely colors and veining combinations, which I’ve included below.


Changing the countertops also gives me an opportunity to replace the sink and faucet.  When I bought the house, I quickly realized that the previous homeowners had used the wrong cleaner on the sink and had destroyed the finish.  Now everything stains it – coffee, sauces, you name it.  I also want one large sink bowl instead of two smaller compartments.  This would make washing large pots much easier.  Going along with the dark countertop theme, I’ve also picked out a dark sink.  Say hello to the Kraus Undermount Single Bowl Black Onyx sink.


And what is a new sink without a new faucet?  I can’t tell if the champagne bronze trend will be temporary or timeless but I love it all the same.  This faucet is from Delta and it has has Touch2O technology, meaning it can be activated with touch.  This will be great when doing dishes or handling raw meat and my hands are a mess.  I also really like the pull-down faucet for doing dishes and cleaning the sink.  And how gorgeous is that color?

From Rejuvenation
From Rejuvenation

One final detail: hardware!  I want to have both pulls and knobs.  I really like the look of this hardware from Rejuvenation – the Massey Bin Pull (in aged brass) and Massey Solid Round Knob (also in aged brass).  Currently my kitchen cabinets don’t have any hardware at all, and I am constantly smashing my fingers in doors and drawers.

I’m looking forward to this!  I’ll share a detailed cost estimate soon as well as progress once renovation work starts. What do you think of the color scheme?  Are you planning a kitchen renovation in the near future? Have you recently completed a kitchen remodel?  Let me know in the comments!  I’ll post more kitchen renovation updates as progress occurs.